UPF 50+ Family Sun Protection





Great quality and large shade for the whole family.

We had a windy day, it held up great. It was easy and fast setup, a nice surprise how tall and sturdy it is. We stretched and buried the bags as recommended. You can set this canopy with no help, it can be done by just one person. Happy find.

Luis G.

Impressed how holds even in a very strong winds, while others fly away. Great quality expands easily and the UV protection we really enjoy it.


Kazzary held its own against all of the other tents around. Also, when it came around to 3-4pm when the sun was coming from the side, we simply took two poles out and we were good to go.


Happy to have this canopy with 4 poles, it has the space we need as family of 4. We had a massive windy day at the beach and a bit of rain. I put extra sand at the legs and buried them slightly. The tent held extremely well.


We love our kazzary tent!!! really easy to set up and hold perfect during a really breezy day without digging in to anchor the tent.

Maria G.

Just buy one!

Stood up to the strongest gusts... just fill those feet right up with sand. Everyone else's umbrellas and tents were really struggling .. our tent didn't move all day.. super light, highly recommended.

Florida C.

Hope you enjoy this tent as I do, now I bring it with me everywhere my son's soccer class, my backyard, etc. 100% recommended.

Mary S.

Super Portable

This canopy is so light and easy to set up. No more dragging those heavy pop up tents. I set this up in my backyard with the stakes that were provided. They screwed into the ground easily and held the tent up overnight with a pretty substantial wind. 

Nicole B.

We started having a lot of wind and poles started to shake. So, we use the elastic rubber bands on top of the foam poles and made a significant difference helping the tent to be more stable and keeping the poles secure. Our Kazzary tent held up beautifully in place! Had a lot of compliments at the beach. Highly recommend for beach-goers.


Depending on the angle of the sun, you can adjust the position of the poles to maximize the amount of shade. We've been looking for the right canopy to purchase for a while, and we're so glad we found this one.

Claudette G.

Pretty simple to setup

Was pretty simple to set up, adjusting the poles to a get the right shape took a little trial and error. the "footprint" of the canopy is pretty substantial. Now that we've used it for a season, we love it! We got the set up down to less than 5 min, even easier to take down.


Worked Perfectly at the Beach

This was easy to set up, lightweight and didn’t take up much room in the car.

Cindy G.

So glad we found this one.

Our first use was on a really windy day, so it took us a couple tries to get it right (the key is to completely fill the sand pockets, otherwise there isn't enough weight to hold it in place when there's strong wind). After we figured that out, we had a great time lounging in the shade.

Ernest D.

Lightweight, compact and beautiful

Truly exceeded all our expectations! Its lightweight and compact design was a game-changer during our road trip from TX to Fl. Unlike the bulky tent we used to carry, this one took up minimal space, allowing us more room. Setting it up was a breeze. We received numerous compliments and we the first ones all packed up. This tent is a winner in every aspect!

Ray N.

Lightweight and easy to assemble. Super fast delivery!

LOVE the lightweight swimsuit style material and the easy assembly. Will definitely need to practice our set up some more and trial it at the beach next time. Love it!

Alex F.

Amazing Tent for Friends

The Kazzary tent made our trip to the beach as easy as it could be. Extremely easy to assemble, lightweight and durable. We had a couple of windy days, but as long as the sand bags were filled with sufficient sand and the canopy was stretched, Kazzary held its own against all of the other tents around. .


Love it! Light yet sturdy, easy to carry and set-up.

I purchased the 10 x 10 sunshade which was very easy to set up and can also be angled by using only two poles to provide a centered large shade by blocking the sun on one side, love that! Impressed with the material, light yet tough, the poles are again very light but sturdy.

Edward J.

The best beach tent ever

I have used many tents at the beach and this one is, by far, the best that I have ever used. It is light, very portable and easy to assemble. It withstand high gusty winds with ease and can be assembled in different configurations. I highly, literally, recommend it.


The Best Tent Ever!

We love our tent!!! The look is futuristic and supersonic. IT really is the best for the windy beach, super safe for babies to be around, super easy to ensemble! I recommend it big time!!!

Aisen C.

Great tent for any outdoor activity, we have used it at the field during my son’s soccer games and also perfect at the beach. Easy to install and carry on. I absolutely recommend this tent. I would rather to get it long time ago!

Henry C.

Great Design

This tent worked great. The sand bag hold down method is easy to fill and empty. The pole balls make it easy to attach and stays in place. Material is very light and rolls up easily.


Super Easy to carry!

I was pleasantly surprised at the size and weight of the tent inside its carrying tote. The material of the fabric is extraordinary because during set up and breakdown the sand effortlessly rolled right off. It also did a excellent job at blocking the scorching hot sun rays, and it was durable. I look forward to using this over and over again!

David R.

The BEST tent we’ve ever had.

We've had a lot of beach tents over the years. We've also gotten rid of a lot of beach tents over the years. This one is by far the most durable with intensity of the wind, easy to put up (less than 10 minutes), and very easy to carry.

Keith H.

Light and super easy setup over traditional bulky Ezup.

This summer I wanted something that would be less bulky and lighter to carry then our ez up. Found it!!!! This this is amazing, super light, easy to set up on your own, and customizable, an extended 1 year warranty make the deal so much nicer as well.

Wes R.

Awesome Sun Protection...It made our day at the beach

Very Happy with our Kazzary tent, this thing really is good!! great portable tent and lightweight. All the family had a fun day especially filling up the sandbags to the top as recommended. Very impressed the UV Lycra as it stretched a lot and kept us protected from the sun especially the kiddos.

Jose P.

Best beach tent

Easy to carry and put up, one person can do it!!!! Little pricey it worth it!!!

Carmelo P.

Highly Recommended

I have used this tent at the beach and camping in the mountain. What I loved is that is very easy to assemble because the fabric is very adaptable, My wife and my kids are enjoining a lot.

Mario B.

Here’s the deal

The whole trick to this canopy/tent is to completely fill the sacks with sand. Very portable and easy, large space if 4 poles used. It got windy and many tents and umbrellas around us had to pack up but we were fine. It works great, we're regular beach goers and have tried other products. 4 collapsible poles and stretchy material, so simple.

Ricky R.

So easy to setup

We go to the beach every year and typically struggle with the heavy tent that only fits in the back of a truck. This tent is compact and very easy to pack. I highly recommend this canopy!!!

Lien D.

Love this beach Canopy

Love this canopy. Packs down into a very small carrying bag that we strapped onto our cooler for easy transport. Super easy to set up for a day at the beach, since all you need is sand and the four poles it comes with.

Claudette G.

I'm 6 2 and fit beneath perfectly. Would recommend to anyone who is looking for a quick, easy and durable tent. Thank you Kazzary!

Julio C.

Awesome tent brings sufficient sunshade for family of 4, plus our dog enjoys the tent and the accessories. 100% recommended!!

David L.

Amazing Tent

This tent is spectacular, easy to take anywhere, easy to assemble and disassemble, it is not heavy, for use on grass, sand, it is perfect. The best tent I have ever bought. 100% recommended. .

Maria S.

Este toldo es espectacular, fácil de llevar a cualquier lugar, fácil de armar y desarmar, no pesa, para usar en grama, arena, es perfecto.

Jesus S.

My Kazzary Tent 100% recommended.

Quick set up: It took to me 5 min to set it up. Easy to grap up and take anywhere: I brought it to Turks and Caicos (only 10 pounds).

Mary S.


UPF+50 Protection For the Entire Day.




This was so easy to put up! I’m 63 and disabled and I put this up alone. It is so simple lightweight and great at the beach! Provides shade but allows you to tan as well.

Tami H.

Sturdy in the wind at the beach

We’ve always struggled with umbrellas at the beach in moderate winds. This is the perfect solution. It is very sturdy in the wind.

Ruth W.

Perfect for the Beach

This took a few minutes more to put up than a traditional beach umbrella due to filling the 4 pockets with sand. But there was so much more shade. 4 of us in beach chairs fit. It’s also so lightweight and compact when in it’s bag compared to an umbrella. The big selling point was how well it worked on a really windy day.

Cookie M.

Best purchase I have made in years. The tent was a simple as stated to set up! I’d recommend it to anyone. However just know that on some beaches there are restrictions to the size that can be put up.

Victoria K.

Durable and Lightweight tent that is easy to set up.

What I like best about this product is that it is lightweight, easy to stow and carry, and durable. It does take a bit longer to set up than a traditional aluminum canopy, but it's lightweight and compact. To me, this is worth the few extra minutes of setup time. Plus, I can set it up by myself which is something I couldn't do with the aluminum canopy. 

David M.

I never have to wait for my husband to set up tent anymore!

We bought this tent because we needed something that didn't take up too much room in a very limited car space.

I woke up early. Went to the shore. Put up the tent, BY MYSELF, and was so proud. I went back to the condo and gazed at my accomplishment from the balcony. It was SO EASY once you know how to set it up.

On this vacation, hubby never had to put up the tent. He enjoyed that! And I enjoyed getting to the beach early and claiming our prime spot!

Living H.

Easy to Carry and install.

I love everything about this product! Everything was easy! The material is great! Size was perfect for my family!(6), easy to clean sand dust!


Better than any other beach shade product

If you do not skimp on sand in the anchor bags and stretch anchor bags far apart flat on the sand. Then put up poles under each corner one at a time. Good for any windy conditions on the beach. Love the product.


Very Portable and works great

I bought this for the beach and took it everyday we were there. It’s easy to set up and break down even by yourself. Just make sure to overfill the bags with sand. It holds extremely well in the wind. I’m very happy with it.

Cameron D.

Great beach tent, light and easy to set up.

Thomas W.

This is without a doubt the best find for beach outings. It is compact and lightweight, yet it has withstood some mighty winds on a couple of days.

Robert S.

Easy to Use

Excellent product, easy to assemble, very good to use at the beach, games, picnics and more.





UPF + 50 Protection

Blocks up to 98% UV from direct sunlight


Large Sandbags for Extra Anchor Support

Travel Ready

Fits in a Suitcase


Machine Washable



Water Resistant

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