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When it comes to enjoying the great outdoors, safety and comfort are key. In Just minutes you can have the perfect beach tent sun shelter, made just for you. KAZZARY beach tent canopy is spacious enough to comfortably fit your entire family, yet compact and lightweight enough to carry with you on all your beach excursions. The sturdy and durable design ensures that you can enjoy your beach shade canopy for years to come. It is machine washable making it very convenient to have it clean and ready for the next trip. ​ With its flexible and adjustable design, you can easily adjust the poles to find the perfect position for optimal sun shade and sun protection. KAZZARY Tent is lightweight beach canopy sun shade like no other, it is that essential gear everyone needs for your beach adventures. Don't settle for a flimsy beach tent that won't stand up to the elements or provide adequate protection from the sun. The spacious, yet compact to carry best beach canopy, fabric is designed to be stretched until it finds tension. With our easy-to-use flying sand disc shovel, makes it faster to overfill all four sandbags in just minutes. By setting it up right, you win! This pop up beach shade canopy is like a gymnast on the beach flexible and ready to impress. That means more time for building sandcastles, playing beach volleyball, flying disc throw or just lounging in the sun feeling relaxed and protected that can be use almost anywhere. ​ Our vibrant beach canopy designs stands out and turning heads like a celebrity on the red carpet. Plus, our high-quality fabric and SPF 50+ UV protection will keep you safe, comfortable all day long helps you and the rest of the family spot your zone at the beach and knowing where you are always. ​ Have a magnificent treat for your well deserved vacation. So why settle for a any beach canopy when you can have a KAZZARY Duo Colors and make a statement! Get it NOW for you Next Trip!

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